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steve harroun


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"Stephen is such an inspirational person. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him this past year (2018) and have fallen in love with his passion for everything he does. Thank You to you Stephen for letting me be a part of your success! Everything you do is appreciated and does not go unnoticed."

- Stephanie Buerkel, Vice President, Newport Healthcare

"Steve is a constant professional. His attention to detail and ability to work through any project issues make him an invaluable resource for our clients trying to maximize their brand exposure."

- Dave Shapiro, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Triangle Sign Services



"Stephen is passionate about the sign industry and has a high level of integrity. He is a valuable asset to any business/organization; military background, personable, disciplined, with a great skill set."

- Lisa Peterson, Marketing Manager, Federal Heath

"Stephen Harroun is one of the best sales representatives I have dealt with in the sign industry. He combines his very pleasant manner with a salesman's drive and an engineer's technical knowledge, making him one of the most versatile reps I've encountered. With his capability and effort he will always be an asset to those he represents."

- Richard Sumption, Vendor Sourcing Specialist, AGI

"In 2009 I had high expectations for Steve as a new hire because of his military background and design experience. He did not disappoint. He learned our complex, detail-oriented process quickly, worked hard and always demonstrated professionalism. He was challenged numerous times on projects with unreasonable deadlines, and always helped the team get the work done right and on time. Although we’ve both moved on to greener pastures, I know Steve will continue to serve his colleagues and customers with excellence. That’s who he is."

- Scott Saunders, President, Wayfinding Associates

"I met Steve after a blind call to the ASA, looking for some expertise on signage and wayfinding after our company acquired a new property in Pittsburgh. We could not have gotten more lucky to meet and work with such a great company - and for me to have Steve by my side. In fact, he mentored me on his industry such that I came out being more of an expert than I ever thought I would be. Steve is very detail-oriented, extremely reliable, so patient as to explain anything to me from the most intricate material specs to high-level planning. We continue to work with Steve and ASA and I feel lucky to have him to call on!"

- Tabitha Spencer, Director of Marketing, Highwoods Properties

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